10 tech podcasts we’re listening to at 280blue

October 6, 2020 | Posted by: Outside Labs

The tech industry continues to work from the quiet seclusion of our homes — and away from the noisy bustle of offices — which means there’s a continued need to fill aural space (or, for those with families and pets, a need to find personal space). Conveniently, there’s also the ever-present need for tech marketers and founders to stay abreast of the latest industry strategies and trends.

What better way to meet both of these needs than with a podcast — and not just any old podcast, but one from a high-quality list curated by the marketing minds at 280blue.

If you’re in need of a podcast recommendation, here are some favorites from our current rotation. They cover areas like marketing strategy, tech news and trends, business inspiration, tactics for demand generation, the venture capital landscape and much more.

Let these podcasts fill your ears and absorb, as if through osmosis, the sage wisdom of tech luminaries.

In no particular order:

1. Equity

TechCrunch’s venture capital podcast, Equity, provides a true behind-the-curtain peek into tech’s dynamic funding landscape. Hosted by veteran tech journalists Alex Wilhelm, Danny Crichton and Natasha Mascarenhas, Equity is a must-listen for deep VC-world insights. Come here for: insider spin on breaking developments; to rethink the trends you thought you knew; and to unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

2. theNewsWorthy

In a perfect world, news is fun, fast and informative — and with theNewsWorthy podcast, it is. In a mere 10 minutes, broadcast journalist Erica Mandy gives you the trustworthy, unbiased and accessible low-down on need-to-know news topics. A perfect high-energy jolt to start your day.

3. FlipMyFunnel by Terminus

For all your demand-gen, ABM and go-to-market needs, FlipMyFunnel is a one-stop shop resource. Featuring interviews with leading B2B sales and marketing experts like Guy Kawasaki, Megan Eisenberg, Daniel Pink, Patrick Lencioni, Megan Eisenberg and many others, the podcast offers a variety of strategy-backed perspectives to amplify your marketing efforts.

4. How I Built This

Action often stems from inspiration. On NPR’s How I Built This, get inspired by visionary entrepreneurs and innovators as they tell the stories of how they built some of the world’s best-known companies. With enthralling narratives weaved by host Guy Raz, this podcast is for those days when you want to lace up your company-building boots.

5. Growth Mapping

Want to grow your company? Growth Mapping, hosted by Aaron Agius and Sujan Patel offer strategies and tactics across the full marketing spectrum for doing just that. Whether it’s for landing your first 100 SaaS customers or crafting a powerful lead nurturing campaign, Growth Matting is a go-to resource for scaling your business.

6. Seth Godin’s Akimbo

Seth Godin is legendary in the B2B marketing community, and his podcast, Akimbo, is no exception. Akimbo is about our culture, and how we can change it — both in business and the world at large. Listen in for explorations of tricky (or plain interesting) dilemmas in our current culture, along with the theory- and data-backed strategies you can use to make a difference.

7. a16z Podcast

The venture firm Andreesen Horowitz is well known, to put it mildly, for its astute and prescient assessments of the tech landscape. On the a16z podcast, hear experts from across every industry “make sense of it all” and chart paths for how emerging technology and innovation will impact our lives.

8. Masters of Scale

Many experts have thoughts on how to scale a company. But Reed Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and investor at Greylock, is particularly well suited to answer the question. On Masters of Scale, listen to Reed interview some of the most prominent business leaders in the world on how they scaled their companies.

9. Back to Work

Process can be just as critical as strategy. And for your day-to-day process concerns — productivity, communication, tools, gadgets, widgets — the Back to Work podcast is a go-to resource. Back to Work strikes a lighter tone, in addition; it’s just as much about enjoying fun company and conversation as it is about getting down to business.

10. Reply All

Reply All isn’t so much a podcast about technology as it is a narrative dive into fascinating, human stories that simply happen to involve technology. Hosted by the eminently sharp and entertaining PJ Vogt, Alex Goldman and Emmanuel Dzotsi, Reply All is about life inside the internet. For many, it has become a workday (non-)guilty pleasure.