280blue: a high-growth marketing agency

February 13, 2019 | Posted by: Kim Kapustka

At 280blue we’ve spent the last few months looking hard at who we are as an agency and understanding both where we excel and the work we love to do. That effort led to a refinement of our services strategy to better serve our clients and to make sure that we are doing work about which we are passionate. What did we end up with? A different kind of agency that reflects the strengths of the 280blue team and the needs of our startup and high-growth technology company clients. 

We love working with you on your messaging and positioning, but it doesn’t end there. Without real-world implementation that leads to category growth, ownership and, ultimately, sales, we wouldn’t be satisfied. That’s why we also work with our clients to help them develop GTM strategies and execution. It’s also why PR is a core part of our services offerings. It’s not enough for us to help you build a plan. We want to help you execute as well. We like getting our hands dirty and doing the hard work that leads to category ownership and high-growth. Integrating messaging and positioning, GTM strategy and execution, and PR and analyst relations allows us to really make an impact. That’s why I call us a high-growth marketing agency.

Our services strategy reflects our backgrounds. We all have strong experience in communications, whether as PR professionals, content writers or campaign strategists. We know how to tell a story and build a narrative that gets noticed. We also know how to take that story and build awareness, category and market leadership and revenue. Just like our clients, we love to move fast and work hard.

Going forward, this blog will tell you a bit about us and our services. We’ll share with you some of our insights from working with high-growth companies of all sizes. It will also highlight client and industry news. 

We’d love to hear what you think!