A big bang or a soft launch?

July 23, 2020 | Posted by: Kim Kapustka

In a recent conversation with an executive at a stealth-mode technology startup we were talking about when to launch his company. His question for me was should we go out with a big bang or take a more measured approach and do a soft launch (limited web presence with basic content describing product capabilities) now and wait to turn on PR and broader marketing. His question made sense. As an early stage company, the organization has limited resources. Understanding whether they should devote the time and effort to marketing early or wait and do one-to-one selling to get traction with a soft launch supporting that effort is a critical early decision.  

Rather than immediately answering him, I asked him a question: tell me more about your technology, products, and business model, which he did. They are building something transformational that is architecturally different from any of the existing players in the market. And, they are funded by a tier 1 venture fund (that means they are funded for rapid, high growth). I told him that when he launches, I believe he should make that launch big. If you do a soft launch and have a public market presence months before you turn on marketing and PR, then you are giving your competitors the opportunity to not only co-opt your message, but to also co-opt your product strategy. It is much better in this situation to not have a public presence until you are ready for a big launch and when you do, be bold and claim your space. Set the agenda rather than allowing your competitors to take advantage of your innovation and lack of marketing. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you launch earlier or later nor does it mean that you have to spend a fortune on marketing. And, if you do decide to wait, it doesn’t mean that you don’t create core content to share with early design partners. It just means that when you do launch, you go all in. Don’t make your competitors’ jobs easier. 

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