Easy Checklist for Strategic Communications for B2B Technology Firms

June 28, 2022 | Posted by: Kim Kapustka

We often tell our early-stage and high-growth B2B tech public and analyst relations clients that they need to claim their leadership position in the market.

What does that mean?

The company is having success with customers, partners, investors, etc., but the outside world doesn’t know about that success.


It could be that the company hasn’t invested in PR or AR.

It could mean that they’ve hired an agency that doesn’t “get it.”

It could mean that they have made investments and regularly share news– but they haven’t put in the time to get their story right, or their key executives do a poor job of sharing the story or don’t want to be involved in PR.

It could be that they haven’t provided the right pieces of the story to get the attention they deserve.

It could be some or most of the above and more.

Regardless of the cause, the impact is low awareness, slower sales, lower valuation, and overall slower company growth.

To help you get where you should be, we’ve put together this brief checklist for claiming your rightful position in the market:

  • Nail your company and product messaging and positioning. Partner with an agency or hire in-house talent (or both!) that has the capability to translate your messaging and positioning into brilliant storytelling.
  • Gather all of the credibility you have to validate your leadership position (customers, customers, customers + partners, industry analysts, investors, advisory board members, employees, etc.). Build stories around these proof points.
  • Don’t neglect AR. As an agency, we believe that a solid AR program deserves the same level of attention as your PR programs. Executive sponsorship is critical. Invest time and money. Read more about that in our blog titled “4 analyst relations tips for early-stage companies.”
  • Get your speakers trained. Even the most experienced speakers should do a refresher at least once a year. Build a steady cadence of real news backed by credibility (see #3 above and our post on “5 compelling reasons why media training is necessary.”
  • Have the patience to build a solid program. PR isn’t a one hit wonder–it’s a consistent story told with credibility over time. Executive sponsorship is critical.
  • Don’t stay inside the lines of earned media (traditional PR). Think podcasts, videos, blogs, events, social, and more. You have your own publishing platform. Use it!
  • Be authentic. You need to build your PR plan around positions that are true to your speakers and your company.
  • Be bold. Don’t be afraid of waking the giants. In fact, you want the giants to respond to you. When they do, they build on your credibility and amplify your story.
  • Don’t forget to amplify PR results. Share key features on your website, social channels, link to it in blogs and other content. Reporters that you work with will be appreciative.

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