Giving thanks, remotely

November 24, 2020 | Posted by: Matt Mehus

During this Thanksgiving season we at 280blue have a lot to be thankful for. Despite a tumultuous year with many unexpected challenges, including and especially the COVID pandemic, we’re striving to focus on the number of things that have inspired us, empowered us and made us appreciate the work that we are able to do day in and day out. With that, here are three things we’re grateful for during these turbulent times. 

Our Clients

We are grateful for the relationships we have with all of our clients. They not only are inspiring as leaders in their respective categories, but are disruptive and impactful companies we’re proud to support in partnership. 

While travel restrictions have made in-person meetings, workshops and offsites virtually impossible, other tools and technology have made connecting, collaborating and even listening much more iterative and accessible. We’re grateful that we’re able to partner with our customers in, oftentimes, a more intimate and compelling way.  

Our Team

Speaking personally, to say that I am appreciative of my teammates would be an understatement. The creativity, passion and dedication of my colleagues at 280blue is not only inspiring but contagious. 

With that said, “connectivity and belonging” was cited as one of the top concerns for US employees during the pandemic — arising as many teams, including ours, have had to work remotely. This has shifted the ways we collaborate and the ways we work together. Short meetings are up, long meetings are down. (I think we all can be grateful for that!) There has been a surge in instant messaging, which has made our collaboration much more iterative and lets us bring ideas to our clients faster.    

Our Communities

While the pandemic has naturally made us feel more disconnected to our communities, 280blue has supported ours (San Francisco and Boulder) since founding. From donations to local organizations to giving our time and expertise to powerful not-for-profits like MuralNet who are changing the world by helping indigenous peoples affirm their Internet sovereignty and build their own wireless networks. We are grateful to be able to serve our local communities — and to be supported by them.

Special Thanks to Our Essential Workers

Healthcare, education, emergency services, food and agriculture and other key industries are continuing to serve around the world to ensure all basic needs are met for as many people as possible. This week is no exception. While the work we do is often remote our day-to-day lives are often not (safety and restrictions allowing). We are grateful for the commitment and dedication all essential workers have given to their communities. Here’s a way you can support essential workers this holiday season.

At the end of the day, the challenges over the last year have forced us to move away from designing for efficiency and move toward designing for resiliency. They’ve forced us to think more deeply about a number of things we maybe haven’t had to in the past. Things like genuineness, authenticity, purpose. We’re grateful for this “forcing hand” to push us to focus on critically important ideas. As the poet Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” In 2020 we’ve had great meetings, we’ve done great work — but we’re most grateful for how our people, clients and communities have made us feel and the sense of shared commitment they bring.

We wish a happy and safe Thanksgiving to our customers, our people and all of our communities.