Scaling go-to-market: how high-growth companies make bigger sales happen faster

March 12, 2019 | Posted by: matt

In business speak, ‘to scale’ is shorthand for ‘to scale up,’ which means ‘to grow or expand in a proportional and profitable way.’ And that’s exactly what our growth-stage clients hire us to help them do. We scale their go-to-market, so they can scale their business.

Most clients come to us when they are in some type of a transition. Some have seen their sales slow or even stall and are looking for ways to regain momentum. Some have had a change in leadership and are seeking a fresh perspective on how they are taking their products to market. Others are on a growth trajectory are ready to ratchet up their go-to-market to reach aggressive goals.

This type of growth typically means taking their products to a new market and selling to a different type of buyer. Technology startups, for example, often find their footing by selling to other technology startups. In these companies, the person who purchases the product is often the same person who will use the product. They make the decision to buy it based on its technical merits, on what it can do for them, and oftentimes they do so without input or approval from anyone else in their company. But for most technology companies, large-scale success lies in securing larger-size enterprise customers, and that business model requires a very different go-to-market approach.

Selling into an enterprise organization means winning over a group of buyers, including people who probably don’t understand what your product does and really don’t care to learn. Think procurement professionals seeking multiple bids and compliance teams with seemingly endless lists of unique requirements that seem intended to prevent, not enable, the company’s success. When you’re lucky, the person championing your technology is one of the purchase decision makers or at least a key influencer in the process.

As a result, convincing all of the people in all of the organizations that your company cares about to care about your company is a core component of scaling your go-to-market.

We work with our scaling go-to-market clients to make sure that they have a deep understanding of their complete buyer landscape. We help them define or refine the brand story to ensure it inspires the people it needs to, and that this story is told consistently by executives, sales people, channel partners, on the website, in content, etc.

And we recommend strategies, create blueprints, and map out themes and topics for campaigns that drive awareness and generate demand from these new, different buyers. And we evaluate their systems and processes to determine if they can scale to meet their future needs and determine what to build or implement new ones if they can’t.

It’s hard but rewarding work. And for our clients, the hardest part is often coming to terms with the fact that the programs, process and tools that helped their company to reach this milestone aren’t what will get them to the next milestone. Their company’s goals have grown, and so too must the approach to their go-to-market.

For them the fastest path to bigger sales that happen faster is to scale their go-to-market with 280blue.