The semiconductor race, the strategic shift to cloud native and how nimble startups are navigating the pandemic

July 2, 2020 | Posted by: Jin Woo

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Fortune: Semiconductors are the engine of the global economy—and America isn’t making enough of them
As the brains of modern technology, semiconductors are essential to America’s economic strength, its national security, and its response to the COVID-19 pandemic and future crises. U.S. companies have led the world in chip technology for decades. But only about 12% of the world’s semiconductor manufacturing is done in America, due largely to heavy subsidies from competing governments. Addressing this challenge and strengthening U.S. semiconductor manufacturing and research is the space race of our time. Looking forward, the country that leads in advanced chip design and production also will have a big leg up in the global race to deploy new game-changing technologies, such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing.

Why It Matters: Semiconductor innovation has been a game-changer for the networking industry and will be accelerated with the wide-scale rollout of 5G.

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SiliconAngle: Driving business value: Why cloud native is much more than services and tools
There is so much jargon surrounding the cloud-native world these days that the developer community’s DZone took the time to capture a great deal of it. That’s what a landscape with $66 billion in funding and a total market capitalization of more than $17 trillion will bring. There is containerization, microservices, continuous deployment and delivery. Not to be left out are fault tolerance, scalability and elasticity, wrapped into cloud service models such as infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and the ever-popular software as a service. The last decade was about choosing categories and places for cloud. The next decade will be about leveraging the innovation and services in a broad cloud native ecosystem.

Why It Matters: Cloud native technologies represent a strategic shift for businesses that offer more scale, faster velocity and more control.

Tags: DZone, TLA Tech, CNCF, HashiCorp, Platform 9, Kubernetes Unified solution for authorization across cloud : Tim Hinrichs, Co-Founder/CTO, Styra
In this episode, we sat down with Tim Hinrichs, a co-founder of the Open Policy Agent project and CTO of Styra. We talked about why he created Styra and its relationship with Open Policy Agent (a project that was contributed to CNCF). We also talked about Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS) and why Styra is focussing on the Kubernetes use case.

Why It Matters: Security and compliance are two critical aspects of the shift to cloud native. Styra (disclosure: 280blue client) are the founders of popular open source tool and de facto standard for cloud-native authorization policy, Open Policy Agent (OPA) and Declarative Authorization Service, its commercial control management plane solution to manage and distribute policy at scale.

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Network World: Nimble tech startups find ways to navigate the pandemic
The economic devastation of the global COVID-19 pandemic has many businesses fighting for survival, but dealing with chaos and uncertainty comes with the territory for a certain category of business: Startups.They thrive on disruption (or at least that’s the message they pitch to investors), but is the lean, move-fast-and-break-things model one that can survive global disruptions? As virtualization of everything has accelerated during pandemic quarantine, networking and data-center startups find themselves positioned in fast-growth market niches and discovering more opportunities, less competition, and an abundance of available talent.

Why It Matters: Necessity is the mother of invention and innovation. New and young startups don’t have a legacy footprint and are able to steer their ship more quickly to adjust to the how enterprises are shifting IT decisions for today’s economic climate.

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SDXCentral: Cisco rolls out networking for new edge
Cisco rolled out networking products for businesses reopening as well as those planning a more hybrid future with a distributed workforce working at reopened and highly digitalized branch offices and from home — aka the new edge.

Why It Matters: Organizations continue to define the “new edge” that supports larger remote workforces but also accelerates digital transformation strategies. Vendors will also continue to reposition products and innovate to support this new wave.

Tags: Cisco, SM-X EtherSwitch, ESP-X, 1100 Series Terminal Services Gateway