‘Twas the day before Christmas

December 24, 2019 | Posted by: Outside Labs

‘Twas the eve before Christmas
And the first thing on our list
Was 2020 planning
Oh, you get the gist

So we’ve asked ole Santa
For some help with our tasks
Just a couple items
Not too much to ask

We were working at midnight
Sending emails and such
When we heard some bells twinkling
And a sled on the slush

And then from the elevator
Came such a racket
I knew it was Santa
With our Christmas packet

He saw us there hiding
Behind our computers
And he said with an eye roll,
“I’m not an intruder.

You’ve all been good this year
And I got your letter
So I brought you some gifts
To make your days better.

Let’s see what I have”,
He said shaking his bag
“To start there’re some pixels
And some marketing tags

I have some analyst meetings
And some PR releases
Some customer case studies
And awareness increases

I have some web banners
In different sizes
They’re sure to work well
On various devices

And here are some personas
And a messaging deck
Also some keywords and…
Oh, what the heck

Here are also some guidelines
To develop a brand
And a webinar calendar
To give you a hand

And here’s a landing page template
And an SEO plan
All things that will help you
Get all the leads that you can

And as a last parting gift
Some more goodies for you
To meet your projections
And your KPIs too!

Here’re six pieces of content
A whitepaper or two
And now you have enough docs
For a nurture stream too”

And as he went up to the roof
His nose rosy and pink
He stopped for a second
and turned with a wink

“Don’t forget to spellcheck”,
He said as advice
“And about all the emails
A last word to the wise

Watch out that your subject lines
Don’t sound like a scam
The last thing you want
Is to be blackballed as spam!”

Thank you Santa!
Don’t worry about that
You can go up the chimney now
We have it down pat

Santa smiled and he waved
As he flew away.
“Have the best 2020
And a great Christmas day!”