Solidifying Centripetal as a Cybersecurity Category Leader


Centripetal is an innovative cybersecurity service provider that offers a fully managed SecOps as a service to large and midsized enterprises. Its core product, CleanINTERNET, has fueled the company’s rapid growth and expansion, leading to recognition as a three-time Deloitte Fast 500 company.


Despite the uniqueness of Centripetal’s technology, the company was interested in accelerating its growth through a product to service transition. To accomplish this, Centripetal needed to redefine its position in the market, increase brand awareness, and build a bigger sales and marketing pipeline.


Boost the Centripetal position as a cybersecurity category leader, increase sales, and build a marketing foundation that could scale to meet the company’s growth objectives.

Successful repositioning of the CleanINTERNET SecOps as a service offering

Outside Labs worked with Centripetal to clearly define its target customers and ensure its service aligned with its customers’ persistent cybersecurity challenges. By taking a 360-degree view of key market trends and competitors, Outside Labs successfully repositioned the CleanINTERNET SecOps as a Service offering, and developed new messaging to ensure they were able to reach their target audience with a story that inspired them to take action.

With clearly defined target customer personas, Outside Labs created strategic content and omnichannel marketing plans to increase market awareness and generate more sales leads. Outside Labs then developed a variety of content for the different stages of the customer journey for each new persona. As an ongoing engagement, the content continues to provide fuel for Centripetal marketing campaigns through targeted email sequences, paid search and social advertisements and organic SEO to boost website traffic on high-value pages.

Prior to working with Outside Labs, Centripetal did not have a data-driven infrastructure in place to automate and scale its sales and marketing processes. To that end, Outside Labs helped Centripetal build an effective inbound and outbound marketing model through the restructuring and optimization of their customer relationship management (CRM) and automation platform with lead scoring, routing, and nurturing. This reinforced Centripetal marketing & sales alignment and provided the company with the tools necessary to grow its sales pipeline, drive market awareness, and convert customer demand to revenue.



With its new integrated marketing program and marketing automation environment, Centripetal is now able to more effectively build brand awareness, drive leads, and scale its revenue growth.

Building Brand Awareness:
  • Increased website traffic by more than 56% YoY
  • Significant boost in social engagement
  • Unified brand narrative across all channels
  • Omnichannel content plan to support campaigns
  • Refreshed website content
Driving Leads and Pipeline:
  • 80%+ YoY growth in new leads
Enabling Operations at Scale
  • Created a centralized sales / marketing database with 34,000+ contacts
  • Enabled data-driven decisions and better visualize business insights into sales pipelines
Centripetal has an established product and needed to continue to build awareness in an evolving category. We approached Outside Labs to develop our messaging, content and programs to do exactly that. They got us deeper and tighter into market with a strong story and high-value content with programs up and running quickly, from which we’re already seeing a big jump in interest month over month since launch.

Jeff Manning
Chief Revenue Officer

Centripetal Networks 

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