Establishing Mindshare and Credibility in Crowded Networking Space

Challenge + Strategy

Outside Labs worked with a leading switching silicon vendor to provide PR support and thought leadership, leading up to and during their $1B+ acquisition. The company quickly earned respect in the switching silicon market for its innovative approach to high-performance silicon and its efforts to disaggregate and disrupt a once-monopolized sector. In a few short years, the company was able to capture nearly one-third of the market from the sole incumbent, Broadcom. The vendor had made waves with large hyperscale companies — becoming a key infrastructural element in some of the largest, highest-capacity data centers on the planet.

The challenge for Outside Labs was to enable the company, which had proved itself at hyperscale, to reach the broader market — making thought leadership inroads among enterprise customers and Silicon Valley tech and networking media alike, as well as raising the overall company profile in the leadup to its acquisition. At the same time, the company needed to increase customer education and awareness around critical trends, such as changing paradigms in network architectures, open source, disaggregation, and the role of high-performance silicon in modern data center networks. Outside Labs identified the media and thought leadership strategies that best mapped to its corporate goals and took action.


Execution + Results

Working as a strategic partner, Outside Labs in March of 2021 established a media and thought leadership strategy to help realize its corporate vision. Much of our efforts centered on building critical media relationships and securing press coverage for key company milestones. The client was featured in influential technology outlets including Forbes, SDxCentral, CRN, ZDNet, The Next Platform, Packet Pushers. This coverage helped not only to solidify its reputation as a major switching silicon player, but to extend its awareness among and credibility with enterprise customers and the wider networking market.

In parallel with this media strategy, Outside Labs established a regular cadence of executive thought leadership for its CEO including articles in Forbes exploring ideas around changing data center network design, open source network OS, the role of advanced telemetry, the impact of AI and HPC on modern networks, and more. These articles, in addition to generating thousands of views, have helped to spur industry conversations around critical topics, while raising the CEO’s profile as a go-to thought leader for switching silicon and modern data center networking.

Through these strategic efforts, the company continued to build significant momentum among the media and dominant networking players — culminating in the company’s acquisition. The company and its leadership, now squarely established as technology leaders, continue to have the eyes and ears of the media and networking industry, as they advance their innovative and disruptive approach to network silicon and their mission to transform data center networking.

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