Strategic Go To Market Service

Define your company or solution’s go-to-market messaging, competitive positioning, and target customers

Launching a new product is an exciting time for any company. It’s also a time when many businesses rush to market without clearly defining the strategic marketing foundation required to successfully launch a new offering. Some say that developing a new product is the easy part and that the real challenge lies in successfully bringing it to market.

Without a clear understanding of who your customer is, how it makes their life easier, and how it compares to alternative solutions, crafting a compelling story that will drive awareness will be an ongoing challenge. Having a viable product is one thing, but getting attention in a crowded market is what separates the leaders from the laggards.

That’s where our Strategic Go To Market (GTM) service can help. Our highly experienced team of B2B marketers take the time to thoroughly examine your market and define the core elements of your marketing strategy.

We’ll work with you to clarify your target customers, validate their primary challenges, and develop a compelling narrative around your solution, including the key features, benefits, and positive business outcomes. We use this to define your target personas, map out the buyer’s journey, and develop the strategic marketing foundation upon which to build an effective, omnichannel marketing program.

Our team has decades of experience working in and with Silicon Valley companies in all phases of growth from stealth to IPO and everything in between. We’ve been through this process many times as both a marketing agency and on the client side, and we’ll partner with you to ensure your success.

Who it’s for:

This service is ideal for B2B technology companies at all stages of growth, including divisions of larger organizations.

What’s included:

We work with you to validate your target customers and their relevant pain points, develop the narrative around who you are, how you’re different, and the positive business outcomes your solution delivers. We use that to create a strategic go-to-market program to build awareness and generate leads for your sales team.

Outputs: Core Messaging; Competitive positioning; Features, Advantages, Benefits document; Personas; Customer Journey; Content keyword analysis

How you’ll benefit:

With validated messaging, target customers, competitive positioning, and foundational marketing assets in hand, we make sure you have a strategic marketing foundation in place to build an effective, omnichannel marketing program.

Let’s win together.

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